Wellcome to Krunjel, The Sea's King
October 21, 2019

A long time ago, a young called Joseph was born in a poor family, where fighting to survive each day. His mother in love with sea lived telling stories about how the sea was  a freedom place. An immensity place that only had the bright and gorgeous sky that was under the sea even more exciting with a lot of mysterious animals and amazing adventures. Although ill infected by the Black Death, she filled Joseph's eyes with her stories of the sea.

His father, a sad man about life that lived drunk and blaming Joseph for didn't having money for anything and always said for the young that he needed to go out, get money to help. Dad spent all the little money on Rum and keeping on mistreat your son, often even assaulting him.

A few years passed and Joseph's mother was in her last moments without even being able to say a word, on her deathbed his son overcome with frustration at not being able to help his own mother looks into her eyes making a promise:
-I promise you I will never live in misery again and I will conquer my fortune!  The fortune I didn't have the opportunity to share with you, but I will be you proud of me!

His father blamed him every day for his mother's death, when one day Joseph grew tired and saw a chance to get rich to fulfill his promise.  A pirate captain was in a village bar with his ship moored for a crew, a fair division of riches was his promise, and the young man enlisted without even thinking twice, Joseph was tired of everything he had lived there and decided  plunge into this wickedness that is in the world and become increasingly known and feared by the seven seas, not by his real name but by a nickname that symbolized all the horror he represented, Krunjel The Terrible was as everyone knew him.  A few more years passed and Krunjel had already been named captain of the most feared ship, the Blood Sails he had worked on all this time, with his blood-red sails that could be seen from afar.  Krunjel was named Captain after former Captain Bartholomew was killed by the Kingdom Fleet in battle.  Already Captain, in a smuggling post where they exchanged the plundered, stolen and stolen riches was where he eventually found what would become the love of his life.  Katarina loved him and always told him to let go of this life so that they could live in peace, Katarina was the only one who called him by his real name because he was the only one who knew the other side of Joseph's heart ... yet he never cared for it and he was heading behind his fortune.
Blood Sails was almost never moored, was always spinning for more riches for Krunjel was never enough, always needed more and more ... but from time to time Captain Krunjel would dock his Blood Sails ship on  Tearsfall Isle where he was looking for new crew to get the subscribers to kill each other, thus selecting only the best and most impeding to be part of his crew.
 With the Kingdom Fleet always after him a spy discovered that Captain Krunjel met Katarina every month at Allba Isle and had been guarding his treasure somewhere in Devil Isle.  With this information they formed a plan and captured Katarina.

During an intense confrontation with the ships of the Kingdom Fleet, the Admiral comes out of his cabin with Katarina in his arms, holding her hostage. He tells to Captain Krunjel that in order for his love not to die, he must fire, dock the ship at Devil Isle.  and go alone to the mainland.  Krunjel with no alternative heeds Admiral Theodore's order and goes to Devil Isle where he finds Katarina dead at the feet of the Admiral and his men, as if that were not enough he sees beside the men of the Kingdom Fleet none other than Zaken.
   Greedy Zaken as he was, was unhappy that Krunjel was messing up his business and was the one who gave the information to the Kingdom Fleet and knowing where he was hiding his wealth, wanted to take it for himself.  But since he could not do it alone, he then made a deal with the Kingdom where he would provide the means to ambush the most captive Crew Captain in return for claiming Krunjel's hidden gold in Devil Isle.  Captain Krunjel, already seized with hatred when he saw this, became even more pessimistic, drew his sword from its sheath, and drew his pistol toward certain death.
After his death Joseph's spirit did not accept this whole situation and with all this indignation, this hatred and frustration made a deal with a demon to extend his life until he completed his revenge.  The smiling demon says:
 "If that's what you want to go on, I'll give you this opportunity, but it won't be like before ... you'll have to embrace the evil in your heart for good and live not only for your revenge."  You will have other duties that you will soon discover!  Really want
to stay alive?  or almost that ... hahahaha.
   Joseph then responds instantly:
 -The world will know the real Krunjel The Terrible!